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Specification Table

Retaining Rings (Internal)
3.Retaining Rings (Internal)RTW磷酸塩扣環, RTW磷酸塩固定環,RTW扣環,RTW擋圈(內部)

Retaining Rings (External)
Retaining Rings (External)
Inverted Retaining Rings (Internal)
Inverted Retaining Rings (External)
8Grip Type Retaining Rings
Crescent Rings
Self-Locking Rings (External)
Circular External Rings
P-Type Plate Nuts
Cap Nut (F-Type)
F-Type Plate Nuts (Screw Type)
U-Type Plate Nuts (Screw Type)

U-Type Plate Nuts (Screw Type)
U-Type Wide Plate Nuts (Screw Type)
Toothed Lock Washers
Toothed Lock Washers
Overlapping Toothed Lock Washers Countersunk Toothed Lock Washers
Spring Pings (For General Use)

Wave Washers (For General Use)
Wave Washers (For Bearing Use) Snap-Pin
Curved Washer
Disc Springs
Cage Nut

Xian Chang Hardware Co., Ltd.

Xian Chang Hardware Co., Ltd. Specializing in punching parts,fasteners snap manufacturing. We have abundant experiences  especially in Cage Nuts, Retaining Rings, Cap Nuts, Tooth Washers, Spring Pins, U Clips, Wave Washers,Curved Washers, Disc Springs, and Plate Nuts and believe we can offer customers professional technology and after-sale service.

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